FastTrack Day to Day Savings - SuSu

Our fastTrack SuSu scheme is a special daily collection of little savings from traders. This service helps market women and traders save towards future micro loan acquisitions and as capital to expand their businesses. 

FastTrack Susu Scheme

FastTrack credit and loans company aims to establish close relationships between small businesses on the higher end and those on the lower financial end. We believe that by forging close collaboration with those on the lower end, we can gradually through soft loans bring them up and expand their businesses.

The FastTrack Susu Scheme provides small shop owners and table top businesses the opportunity to save money no matter how small their daily contributions may be. With our Susu package you can make daily fixed deposit to your savings account. A good and consistent savings provides you the opportunity to acquire big loans to expand and improve your business.

FastTrack Susu collectors will make daily visits to your business location after you have signed up and collect these contributions. By signing up for our Susu scheme you also enjoy our free business advisory services, vital for prudent financial and business decision making.