Our Strategies

  • Providing the needed micro loans for companies and individuals with flexible terms of payment.
  • Supporting small and medium scale enterprises with the needed financial and technical training.
  • Providing structured and tailored financial advice to help grow businesses
  • High returns on corporate and individual savings.
  • Disbursement and management of loans on behalf of other financial institutions


Our Corporate Responsibility

FastTrack Ghana Ltd works hard to empower our community with the necessary tools and education to help improve lives and business activity. Our employees and clients are part of the community and their wellbeing and progress is our concern.

In this light, FastTrack has established a social responsibility club, which includes both staff and members of the community to foster a closer relationship and get involved in grassroots activities. With close collaboration the club has been able to provide:

  • Durable sanitation bins and tools to help improve the sanitation of the communities in its vicinity
  • Entrepreneurial training for youth groups, to enable them start small enterprises such as bee keeping, grass cutter rearing, snail rearing and small retail businesses.
  • Cultural programs for the youth to preserve the cultural heritage of the area.
  • Free financial education and training to market women and business associations on good financial practices.
  • Support for brilliant but needy students with finance and educational materials to enable them continue their education.

Our Achievements

We have established a strong bond between our organization and over 1000 SME’s in our catchment area, providing:

  • Micro loan services to farmers, traders and importers.
  • Financial advisory services to individuals and trader groups.
  • Education in financial management.
  • We have provided good returns on investments and long term savings.
  • We have revitalized over 2500 companies with micro loans leading to profit making and rapid expansion.