Commercial or Business Loans

FastTrack Microfinance Ghana provides a wide range of products and services tailored to fit different businesses and individual needs.

1 Trade Financing
This micro loan service is designed for small to medium scale traders who need a loan to facilitate purchasing transactions and business trading activities. This service is structured to take into account the financial situation and cash flow of the clients business to determine whether there will be fixed or flexible loan payments. Payment will be done directly to the supplier of the goods.

2Distribution Financing
The distribution financing is tailored for wholesalers of goods who need loans to distribute their products from storage to retail shops on the market. Terms and conditions of the client’s financial situation and cash flow are also taken into account in taking the final financing decisions.

3Contract Financing
Do you have a contract to provide some form of goods or a service? Then this financing option is for you. Micro loans will be approved for contractors with detailed contract documentation as a proof of award of contract and a proof of future payments. Our discretion will be used to take the final decision of financing.

4Export financing
Our export financing micro loans package is designed for businesses with proven track record of product exports or with valid certificates and a contract of purchase. The decision of financing will be at our discretion, taking into account our satisfaction of documentation provided and the nature of the products.

5 Receivable Financing
Product receivable financing is a special form of micro loans where we advance loans to a supplier or the producer of goods or service at a percentage, depending on how much money is outside in dept payable to the company. The amount of loan to be paid as receivable cover will not be full but a percentage of finance receivable. Payment of the loan will depend on proper invoicing and documentation, the product or service and the duration of the invoice transaction.

6Import Financing
We provide fixed loan financing for the clearance of imported goods at the port. This micro credit financing however depends on the following:
  • Nature of goods
  • Marketability
  • Correct documentation of the item
  • Condition of the goods

7Inventory Financing
Inventory financing micro credit is for businesses that need loans to process raw materials into finished products or to distribute finished products in stock. Financing will depend on the nature and condition of the inventory either raw or finished and marketability of the product.

8 FastTrack Microfinance Cash
Fast Track cash is a quick micro loan service for individuals who need money on a short notice to finance a business deal or a verifiable transaction. The terms and conditions for this type of loan will be individual based.